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Sailing with a GoPro

As I sit here stuck at home awaiting my day job(s) to come back online, I can't help but find things to do. A) We all need to pass the time and B) What if my job never comes back? I know item "B" is highly unlikely but I figured I may as well use my time exactly the way I want to while I have it. After all, it is mine. I can choose to sit on my couch until I blast through everything on Netflix and HBO, or I can go out and utilize my time doing the things I love most. I've been taking to meditation a lot lately to stay calm, ease into my decision-making and keep my stress at bay. I love making pretty pictures, beautiful music and sailing my boat. 2 out of 3 I get I normally get paid for, but currently, have zero income for right now, so how can I figure out the 3rd without being able to teach sailing lessons? (I can't social distance on my little 25ft Lancer) I picked up a GoPro recently and a gimbal to see if I could make some pretty footage and I also started a Youtube channel called "Sailing Meditation". I'm liking the idea of being able to share what I am so luckily and fortunate to do in my spare time. So in a way it's an opportunity to put something back out into the world that revolves around positivity. I've never done anything like this before and haven't touched Final Cut Pro in years so I'm learning a lot and am starting to see what life could be like if I just got to go sailing 1-2 times a week. Sounds like a great life! Make some pretty pictures, sail the boat and score some music to my own images. Boom. Well, here goes nothing. I'll update this blog as often as things change with this new endeavor and hopefully some "How To" videos in addition to the meditation ones. In the meantimes here's the highlight reel from my first day gathering footage.

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