So Now I'm That Guy With a Youtube Channel..

After a few sailing excursions, a steep but short learning curve, I started my Sailing Meditation Channel and am now starting to promote it. I luckily have a friend who works in professionally in the fine arts of PR and Social Media and he was able to give me some advice over the phone the other day. It's quite obvious that now I'm an expert and have started my new career. Ha! I gotta say between re-awakening my old roots in Final Cut Pro, to trying to get a Consumer Camera to look professional, doing more single hand sailing than ever before (including at night) and learning the Internet like Generation Z, I'd have to say this Stay At Home order is moving quite fast... and right now there is something to do at almost every minute of everyday.

I get so excited with new projects it's hard not to just work on them until I drop. I guess it may be a long time until I see a financial return on all of this investment, but for now, the return i'm getting on accomplishing something new and feeling like I'm putting together everything I love to do into one project, is an unmeasurable way of letting my happiness lead my life. I get to take my wife and dog on these excursions and soon, make them get up super early with me to go see a sunrise from the ocean? They'll never get up for that unless we camp out on the boat. Our Dog is so freakin lazy in the mornings it's almost hard to believe he's a dog until late afternoon. All of this boating is also leading me to get to some restoration projects I've been thinking about for years and am finally getting the courage to do myself. It's crazy how almost anything you can think of to learn, there's some guy or gal on youtube that's not only done it before, but made a damn video about it. Also, there are so many people with little 25ft sailboats like mine that often you can watch multiple videos regarding the same type of restoration project and pick which one is using the correct technique. It's amazing. Right now I'm working on the hatch that goes from the cockpit of the interior of the boat. I was able to replace a lot of the wood and in doing that, the white painted fiberglass panels that slide around to make the roof/deck of the boat, need some filler and paint work which I wasn't expecting. It's almost derailed me from the woodwork (it's glaringly distracting) but I'm resolved to finish the woodwork first and plan this thing out in stages. I have to remember that I'm still going to have a lot of time off during the shutdown of Hollywood. Gotta relax and space this all out! It will feel good once I get it all done.

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