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The Deep Burn

The Deep Burn is a new musical endeavor for Saxophone Player turned Rock Artist, Nick Gomez. After all of these years, I felt I needed to make a change in the music I've been writing and pull from all of my influences.


It took about a year or so of experimenting, but I eventually found a mood and a satisfying grouping of sounds and instruments.


A lot of people close to me are hearing a bit of Pink Floyd in the music which I find interesting and pretty awesome and fun. Among the color palette you'll hear some flute, clarinet, Fender Rhodes, organ, some distorted and trippy guitars along with some electronic influences as well. I decided to start with a 6 song EP to get my feet wet and put the sound out there then see what happens.


I was lucky to have several of my talented friends perform on the record too and they really kicked ass for me. Joshua Zeigler(In The Valley Below), Tamir Barzilay (Macy Gray) and Nik Hughes (Bush, Bishop Briggs) on drums just absolutely crushed it for me. Jon Gus killed some guitar work for me and most notably, a sweet ass slide guitar solo on "Let's Undress". That song has already been featured in a short film I recently scored for my good friends' Ryan Curtis and Bryan Eliacin (which is on my homepage right now). Go check it out! 


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